Xiaomi Mi 10 Review Depth :Read Before You Buy

Xiaomi Mi 10 Review Depth

Xiaomi mi 10 Depth Review This absolute masterpiece of an arse the meat light has got Sirius back in this rose gold bleach model i mean seriously it’s like a big warm hug for the soul on those miserable days you get that same gorgeous frosted glass finish which basically feels like you’re rubbing your fingertips all over a giant pearl and yeah that’s not exactly fantastic as far as grip is concerned but the Xiaomi mi 10 tea light certainly feels great in the hand.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Review Depth

you’ve got a gorilla glass 5 coating around back as well as covering that display so no worries if you’re a bit of a butterfingers either after week one the mi 10 tea light still looks box fresh well that frosted finish rarely shows any finger grease or smudges so basically beyond the fact that this absolute unit is so big and heavy and kind of cumbersome to use one-handed my only real complaint as far as the design is concerned is that jutting camera lens.

which means if you do lie the Xiaomi mi 10 tea light flat on its back it does wobble about the place when you’re actually trying to use it as always though it’s very welcome to see an edge-mounted fingerprint sensor and I thought that this works perfectly here on the mi 10t light with just as dependable face recognition in the backup.

when required on the software tip well as usual it’s Xiaomi’s miui 12 launcher smothered there on top of android 10 unfortunately not the fresh new android 11 here’s hoping for an update soon the miui 12 thankfully brought in a full-time apps tray from what android s feel while also adding that funky ios style control centre that you can access with a single swipe definitely a big fan and it brings a lot of other changes to google’s os as well but if you want a closer look at all of that shenanigans then definitely go check out my full miui 12 videos.

which is life right now and I know that a lot of people are concerned about pop-up ads on me UI but once again as usual here on Xiaomi’s meat and tea light they are very few and far between I only saw a couple of ads basically occasionally when I installed an app or when I was using Xiaomi’s own apps and that is it and if that bothers you you can turn off personalized ads and you can disable the majority of them.

 So for instance when I first started using the phone the messenger app wouldn’t actually update in the background I’d have to open up the app and then new messages would trickle through thankfully though once i fiddled about in the app settings and cleared the cache.

It started working absolutely fine the other bug I can remember was an inexplicable ability to get rid of pinned live sports scores the little buggers were just impossible to swipe away, in fact, it almost became a kind of game to see if i could like swipe it fast enough to get rid of it or try swiping it from different angles none of it, of course, works thankfully you can still dismiss them just by tapping on them and then going into the menu right there and those couple of funny little quirks aside.

Generally, well-behaved google pay worked a charm here in the UK while I had no issues with connectivity over the wi-fi either and yes you do have full 5g support thanks to the x-52 modem although sadly I got next to no chance to test this out thanks to lockdown shenanigans thankfully that has come to an end for a short while at least.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Review Depth

So I’m hoping to get out and about with meat light and test that out and follow so stay tuned for an update and no worries if you like to download and shed loads of apps onto your smartphone because you’ve got a choice of 64 or 128 gigs of internal storage and you can boost that with a MicroSD memory card by sticking it into that second sim slot in Xiaomi Mi 10.

 Another benefit of having such a massive body phone is that you get a massive body screen to watch stuff on a 6.67 inch ips beast to be absolutely precise despite its gargantuan size visuals are kept sharp by the full HD plus resolution colour temperature and saturation levels can be automatically adjusted by the me10t light based on the ambient conditions for an easy on the eye experience I personally prefer when the selfie cam is nudged away in the corner of a screen rather than bang centre.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Review Depth

But in practice, i found that that lens orifice was tiny enough to just barely intrude at all plus that screen is properly pop your eyeballs bright when you boost it up to those top levels you’ll definitely have no troubles whatsoever seeing what you’re trying to do even on a bright sunshiny day which might happen again in about seven months time here and that 120-hertz refresh rate.

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Which is now surprisingly common for more budget-friendly phones is more candy for the soul so basically the front end of me 10 tea light definitely pleases just as much as that back end a jammies phone also boasts a stereo speaker setup although yes that earpiece is typically tinny but on the top volume you’re definitely good to go even in quite a noisy household I had absolutely zero issues streaming music podcasts.

Whatever to a speaker or a pair of headphones as long as you don’t stray too far away because the range ain’t exactly great but as long as you don’t move further than a room away from whatever speaker you’re streaming to you’re generally fine and yes like most of the budget.

Smartphones these days you do still thankfully get that headphone jack praise be now performance here comes courtesy of Qualcomm’s snapdragon 750 g chipset backed by a healthy six gigs of ram and while the mi 10 tea light does handle everyday existence rather well I did see the occasional little jitter here and there probably.

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A result of that rather heavy launcher so, for instance, swapping between apps sometimes there might be a bit of a pause or if you’ve been snapping away with the camera you tap that little preview pin just to check out your photos you might be waiting two or three seconds for it to load up but certainly nothing horrendous thankfully for this master class Xiaomi Mi 10 phone.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Review Depth

I didn’t see any of my apps crashing or anything like that and gamers rest easy because you will get a reliable experience from me 10t lite helped along by that capable Adreno 619 GPU call of duty can be maxed out at the high detail levels with a high frame rate and I found that that was nice and strong and stable I got a nice fluid experience something that certainly helped along with the like 240-hertz touch.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Review Depth

Sampling rate when you’re using touchscreen controls and you’ve also got all those great game turbo features as well that are built into me UI including notifications blocking and background app management now many budget smartphones these days have a mighty 5 000 milliamp battery packed inside and some even go beyond that that likes the moto g9 power and the poco m3, for instance, have a 6 000 milliamp cell stuffed inside here.

The mi 10 t light it actually swings slightly the other way with a 4 820 milliamp cell despite the fact that.  it’s roughly the size of Ben Nevis but the good news is I still found that with roughly five hours a day screen on time and not crazy use so we’re talking a bit of light media streaming plenty of messaging things like that you’ll still get around two days of use out of this thing and even you get a better review of Xiaomi Mi 10.

If you’re really bloody off the thing playing a good bit of call of duty doing a good bit of video recording with the camera all that kind of stuff you should still get a full day of use out of it without too much of a struggle and if you do need a top-up the 33-watt fast charging will get you on the move again in a jiffy now for the camera tech i found that the mi 10t light wasn’t quite as strong as the poco x3 in this area but that 64 megapixels primary shooter using sony’s Imax 682 sensor is still capable as long as conditions.

The default 16 meg resolution detail levels are often strong enough to make a photo look good when you chuck it up on a telescreen as long as you weren’t battling strong light in which case the results can be quite murky and the shutter isn’t quite fast enough to deal with quick-moving subjects either with blur quite a common occurrence.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Review Depth

if your subject can keep still for two bloody seconds the portrait mode often serves up good looking picks indoor shots and low light snaps often look quite soft and grainy a typical curse at this price point but at least the colours don’t look unnatural in fact overall colour reproduction is pleasingly natural and when things get proper dark the night mode does a little to help balance things out and sharpen up the image best Xiaomi Mi 10.

I really do mean a little the mute light also packs in an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens which delivers pretty standard results it works well in good daylight and not. so much at other times and yes the obligatory 2-megapixel macro lens brings the total number up to 4 if you also include that 2-megapixel depth sensor and as usual the macro lens is a complete waste of glass switch to video mode and it’s basically the same story.

If the lightning is on your side you’ll get fine-looking footage with reasonably clear audio pickup too but you’ll definitely want to keep it still as possible as well because there’s basically no image stabilization to speak of and in low light well just forget it the mi 10 tea light 16-megapixel selfie shooter again struggles with harsh or low light but produces good looking if slightly smooth results otherwise again though indoor snaps do look very soft.

So you’ll need to make sure that you’re well lit. so that right there is my full and frank review of Xiaomi’s me 20 like budget smartphone after using it as my full-time blower for a week and I gotta say camera tech aside I really enjoyed it there’s no denying that it’s an absolute bog and if you want to jump on that 5g bandwagon.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Review Depth

for not too much cash then definitely it is one of the better choices out there boasts many of the same benefits that the poco x3 offered up like a gorgeous 120-hertz display and strong gaming performance as well but I gotta say though that x3 camera tech did seem to handle a range of conditions better than me 10 t light did so if the camera is one of your top priorities I’d say probably go x3 instead but anyway that’s what i think it would be great to hear your own thoughts have you been using the mi 10t light as your personal smartphone.

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