Which Ad Network is Best to Make MONEY From Apps

Which Ad network is best to make MONEY from Apps. Today is a very good topic that I want to talk about the topic is which ad networks do you want to use for monetization of your apps there’s like tons of ad networks right there. if you go business apps and you can see there’s like tons of ad network software and what I’m gonna tell you is coming from seeing all these ad colonial.

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AdMob there’s like tons of ad networks out there so what I’m going to talk about today is based on my own
experiences you see roughly I make around 100 thousand impressions a month and 50% of they are coming from India and 50% of them are coming from the United States and other countries and the vast value of these impressions are actually from The United States. If you’re getting a lot of impressions from United’s just, please please use a meditation platform the best meditation platform that I can find is hazed app tab deck and I think there’s another one called iron source.

Which Ad Network is Best to Make MONEY From Apps

So here the catches hey zap hey zip is totally free you don’t have to pay anything to use their service it’s
really easy to add now on the other hand tab deck they actually charge you like 10% of your impression that means if you’re making $100,000 a month then they can charge you ten thousand dollars. I mean it’s just a 10 percent impression the value you can actually check out their pricing over here and tab deck is really great their support is really great the phenomenal and if you want a really good the support I would recommend going for tab deck.

There are some companies that are actually not into tab deck so you have to think about that one second I don’t another one is iron source Adams this is really good too and I didn’t see any pricing on the meditation I emailed answers for a couple of times but they’re not responsive or they didn’t you know.

I don’t know what’s going on with them but this seems pretty good I mean not bad so what is meditation is like let’s go to Aris meditation is something like you have a lot of impressions and you want to get you to know to find the best ads that act will actually make you money and so meditation. Actually helps that way but the problem with meditation is that it doesn’t go for the fill rate it goes for the best value at let’s say one user from India the best value of AD is called click per installed and there’s another thing the value of the user is really low but the meditation will not get you the right ad instead like on the field rate it will show you.

Which Ad Network is Best to Make MONEY From Apps

If the user will install for the ad let’s say I made for the same impression that I’ll generate for AdMob I’ll not
gonna make same in the same money which art boost or a beloved that means ad mom’s gonna pay me more than child boots but if I’m having the really good value impressions lets I’m getting a lot of impressions from the United States then I can just you know shift it to Chartboost and I’ll make a lot of money than AdMob. it depends on the quality of the traffic that you’re generating that’s about it and okay so the number one that.

I recommend if you’re having low-quality traffic is from I’m sorry it’s from AdMob I’ve been making around $25 a day or something from all the AdMob and it’s been great I have nothing to say it’s it pays my rent and it’s phenomenal that move is really great but another one I recommend is going for let another one I would recommend is Chartboost because uh you see Chartboost. I already made like 540 impressions and I earned $11 already and my eCPM is $22 and that’s really great like the first one is AdMob the second one would be a charge boost the third one will be.

Which Ad Network is Best to Make MONEY From Apps

blue bin and the fourth one will be unity ads I’m kind of undecided between a blubbing and unity ads but let’s see I didn’t make any money from Tapjoy. I  have a really bad fill rate same goes with that colony they have a really bad field so this should be it AdMob Chartboost epic and unity ads and guys make a comment let me know what do you need to learn about AB domain ad business and monetization or marketing.

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