What is Namecheap & Namecheap Features Read Now

What is Namecheap & Namecheap Features let’s talk about Namecheap what is Namecheap founded by Richard Kirkendall in 2000 Namecheap was established to give the average people with the opportunity to create and launch their own websites without needing to have advanced programming and coding skills and deep pockets serving quite 1,000,000 clients.

What is Namecheap & Namecheap Features

Namecheap hosting over 3 million domains Namecheap has become one of the leading web hosting solutions providers in the market today together could conclude by its name Namecheap, maybe a leading provider of affordable domains and hosting services and the preferred choice of many website owners and startups worldwide it’s ideal for people launching their first website because it lets them choose a domain name to grab their pages without coding skills and manages entirely the functionality of their.WordPress site yet that’s not all there’s to Namecheap the service is additionally offered to businesses and resellers which get to settle on a catchy name for his or her brand next to flexible.

What is Namecheap & Namecheap Features

The  reliable hosting they’re going to also get a group of professional email services and SSL certificates and optimize their websites and stores with professional tools like Weebly google apps analytics SEO help traffic boosters no matter the plan you’ve chosen you’ll enjoy the support of a knowledgeable team of support agents anytime via phone email and live chat uptime and reliability of Namecheap Namecheap promises an uptime of 99.9 per calendar month to ensure the delivery of its guarantee Namecheap employs the newest hardware and software firewalls also as recent server models from hp dell and super micro all servers have at least two processors 16 gigabytes of rm and four hard drives with rate protection overview of

Namecheap features

  • PHP WordPress money-back guarantees uptime guarantee backups myascul per one CPanel Linux autoresponders access logs apache aw stats b2 evolution bitcoin catch-all email CGI access Cloudflare crontabs cube card drupal email forwarding email support hotlink protection IMAP support Joomla live chat support Magento mailing lists nucleus password protected directories phone support Phpmyadmin pop3 support SMTP subiculum spam assassin SPF ssh access support forum webmail zen card conclusion if you are looking for a reliable web house service provider which works with you side by side to help your business grow then name chip is the one you should go for.
  • with the help of this state of the art data centres and top-notch servers and hardware they’re
  • currently serving many thousands of consumers you’ll not face the problems of downtime
  • they have a powerful record of giving their customers 99.99 of uptime
  • their customer support is impeccable their agents are always available to resolve your problem there
  • prices are very affordable they have one of the lowest prices in the market on top of that they
  • offer 14 days money-back guarantee so you don’t have to worry about anything if you are not happy
  • just ask them to return your money so quit reading and go get yourself Namecheap’s hosting plan.

What is Namecheap & Namecheap Features

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