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Oldest Humans who Lives on Earth Ever Since the turn of the century, 24 people have held the record for the oldest living person and only 2 have been male.

10. Jiriemob Kimura.

Jiriemob Kimura was the last man to hold this record in 2012 he was born in 1897 in a fishing village in Japan he worked most of his life as a postal worker and the farmer. He passed away at the age of 116 years 54 days in 2013. On his 100 and sixteenth birthday key moral received a lot of good wishes including a video message from the then prime minister Shinzo Ave.

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9 . Susanna Mushtta Jones.

Susanna was an American supercenter Merion who passed away in 2016 at the age of 116 years 311 days. She was the world’s oldest living person and the last living American born in the nineteenth century Susanna was born on 7/6/1899 in Alabama. In her final few years, she lost her eyesight and couldn’t hear well but only needed to medications and wasn’t found to bet. When asked about her longevity she said she had no secrets and that living with her family kept her happy. Susanna slept 10:00 hours a night turns nap throughout the day she always ate bacon eggs and grits.

Oldest Humans Who Lives on Earth Ever

8.Misao Okawa.

The missile was born on 3/5/1898 and was known as the oldest living person in Japan she passed away in 4/20/15. She lived until the age of 117 years 27 days and passed away peacefully in her sleep. The daughter of a kimono maker missile once said that sushi and sleep with the top reasons why she lived so long. On her 100 and seventeenth birthday she said that her life seemed short missile outlived her husband by 84 years as he died in 1931.

7. Emma Morano.

Then the was born in 1899 in the chilly Italy longevity round in her jeans as her mother and few siblings lived well into their nineties. She passed away in 2017 and 117 years 100 37 days and remains the oldest Italian person ever. Since her twenties she H. 3 raw eggs every day and love to cook he’s he said being single and going to bed early was the reason she lived long.

Oldest Humans Who Lives on Earth Ever

6. Violet-Brown.

Violence was the oldest verified living person in the world for 5 months. She passed away on 9/15/2017 at the age of 117 years 100 89 days and was the fifth oldest person in history at the time of her death. Violence was born in British Jamaica in 1900 and worked as a cane Fama and plantation worker for most of her life. Violence also claimed to eat plenty of fruit and almost everything except Paul Kunst chicken.

5. Marie Louise

Marie Louise was a French Canadian supercentenarian. She’s the oldest validated Canadian Reverend upon the death of her predecessor she became the world’s oldest recognized living person. Born in 1880 Marie Louise went on to live for 117 years 230 days and passed away in 1998 out of her 12 children only 4 survived her. She had 5 grandchildren 18 great-grandchildren 57 great-great-grandchildren and 4 great-great-grandchildren. Marie Louise smoked until she was 102 and claimed hard work to be had a secret to longevity.

4. Lucy Hannah.

Born on 7/16/1875 Lucy was an American supercenter area she was recognized as the world’s fourth oldest verified person. In 1993 she was 117 years 200 48 days old S. status was recognized 10 years after her death. So far less is known about how the now the supercentenarians.

Oldest Humans Who Lives on Earth Ever

3 Sarah Knauss.

Now, this was the oldest person ever in the USA and was recognized by the Guinness world records as the world’s oldest living person from 4/19/98 until her death. Born in 1880 now spots the way in 1999 aged 119 years 97 days she died just 30 3:00 hours short of entering the 20 first century and lived through 7 walls and sold 23 presidents take office.

2 John Louise Calment.

John Louise was born 2/21/1875 in all fronts she’s known to be the oldest documented person to have ever lived. She died 8/4/1997 at the age of 100 22 years 100 64 days. John Louise witnessed the opening of the Eiffel Tower met Vincent van Gough and lived through the Russian Revolution the advent of motorcars film and telephone and survived 2 world wars. She smoked for 96 years and loved chocolate and red wine.

1 Kane  Tanaka.

Kane Tanaka is a Japanese woman who currently holds the title of being the world’s oldest verified living person. Born 1/2/1903 Tanaka was 117 years 316 days old and very much alive and kicking. R. H. places Harris the third oldest verified person and the oldest Japanese and Asian person ever documented. Her hobbies include practising calligraphy and calculations. She has 5 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren in an interview Tanaka said that she would like to live to the age of 120 and credited family sleep and hope for her longevity.

Oldest Humans Who Lives on Earth Ever

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