How to Make Text Ads in Adsense 2021 Download Code Here

How to make text ads in Adsense 2021 how’s it going I’m doing absolutely fine right now doing a lot of research about click-through-rate what kind of Ads that will give me a lot of quick to rate that it will jump up the quickest from the users.

To find out that the highest click-through rate that you can find is actually through text ads and Adsense actually removed this kind of textures a long time ago.

How to Make Text Ads in Adsense 2021 Download Code Here

But I actually found out a way that you can show text ads so let’s start doing at first what we’re gonna do we’re gonna copy and paste this piece of code.

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How to Make Text Ads in Adsense so what we need to do is we need to type a simple line here which is data ad format and we’re gonna put your link that’s it when we use this kind of code what it does is that it’s gonna show the link type of ads from the Adsense and when people see links or text-based ads they have a high probability of clicking on those ads and you’ll make a lot of money from that Copy this code mentioned below hope you will enjoy and make more money form Adsence.

  1. <script async src=””></script>
  2. <!– toporheader –>
  3. <ins class=”adsbygoogle before-content”
  4. style=”display:inline-block”
  5. data-ad-client=”xxxxxxxxxxx”
  6. data-ad-format = “link”
  7. data-ad-slot=”xxxxxxxxxxx”>
  8. </ins>
  9. <script>(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});</script>

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