9 Best Part Time Jobs For Students

9 Best Part Time Jobs For Students let’s talk about some jobs that you can take up as a student while you’re at a college or university to make some extra money for your survival the jobs that I’m going to talk about today don’t even need you to possess any digital skills or have a good knowledge of computers. So basically anyone who has got limited time available with them but wants to earn can take up these jobs and the best part is since most of these jobs would be available in every city you don’t have to really worry so let’s start and see what these jobs are and the first job that you can take up here.

The first Job becoming a virtual assistant

9 Best Part Time Jobs For Students
to the professionals and companies now see as you would be aware there are many companies and institutes and professionals that need assistance and receptionist for a limited time maybe like three to four hours in the evening to handle the customer queries and make appointments.

some of these professionals can be people like doctors lawyers cas coaching institutes etc so till now what used to happen was you could work only in their offices but in current times many of these professionals and companies also seek virtual assistance which means that you have to be available over the phone for those many hours to answer the customer queries or take the appointments and all that you need to do this job is some common sense and good communication skills. Now Best Part Time Jobs For Students going to the second one.

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second, job taking photos and videos at restaurants hotels and resorts

9 Best Part Time Jobs For Students

for the social media, most of the restaurant’s resorts and hotels these days publish the photos of their happy customer’s food and events on websites like zomato swiggy trip advisor and even on their Instagram pages also.

So if you’re good at taking pictures and videos these are the jobs that you can take up for three to four hours in the evenings even if you don’t have a good camera with you you don’t have to worry because you can always request them to give it to you they’ll happily do it for you.

One important thing that I would like to tell you here is trying to support yourself as a student is definitely a very good idea but ensure that you don’t compromise on your studies for some extra cash otherwise you would regret it later in your life also never do any illegal things or compromise on the safety of somebody to make your money.

Third job Dog walking /pet sittings

job Dog walking /pet sittings
That I’ve got on the list is a really interesting one listen carefully it is becoming a pet sitter or a dog walker see there are many people who have got dogs that need to be taken out in the morning and evening. So if you’re an animal lover you can approach some people and see if they require your services for this job if someone has got more than one dog or you want to take out three or four dogs at a time.

9 Best Part Time Jobs For Students

You can get a multi-collar belt and take them out to get this job you can try to tie up with some pet store in your area and leave your contact details with them. Some people may even require a pet sitter for a limited number of hours so that is also something that you can do and just imagine what else can be better than getting paid for playing with pets similarly you can also sell your babysitting services that are also pretty interesting and quite in demand.

The fourth job is Tutoring

job Dog walking /pet sittings
Now, this is a job that is always advisable for the students to do because it doesn’t help you just make money but also sharpen your own skills you can decide on the level of students you want to teach based on your own capabilities but trust me you’ll always find students that need help at all the levels two to three hours of tutoring per day and you’ll make a decent sum of money at the end of the month.

I myself used to teach some students to make some pocket money when I was a student and trust me it not only gave me some extra cash to spend at the end of the month but it also helped me improve my explanation power communication skills along with the subject knowledge and this explanation power communication skills and subject knowledge that I gained during that time are the biggest assets of my life.

Now we are coming to 9 Best Part Time Jobs For Students

The fifth Job write CV and resumes

job Dog walking /pet sittings
So if you can master the art of writing a good cv you can help your fellow students write their series also trust me there will be a lot of them who would require help with it even if you don’t know how to do it right now you can learn it free of cost youtube videos.

The sixth job is organizing short trips or fitness trails

Best Part Time Jobs For Students
unseen places while doing this you have to ensure that you don’t include any activities that compromise with the safety and security of your fellow students so if you can organize some cost-effective one-day trips over the weekends to different kind of places depending upon the season I’m sure a lot of fellow students will be happy to join in and shell out some money its Best Part Time Jobs For Students.

The seventh job selling some nutritious food hampers

for the students see being at college doesn’t mean that you have to eat junk and unhealthy you can help your fellow students eat healthy stuff by making such hampers available on request include some healthy ladoos dry fruit bars and drinks in it..

In fact, even the parents will be happy to order it for their children from you for this you can try to tie up with someone in your area who makes these ladoos or even better can make these hampers and give you to
sell for a commission to connect with the potential customers make yourself available on WhatsApp to promote the business to make a flyer and circulate.

8th job Drive a cab

Best Part Time Jobs For Student
That you can do as a student is you can become a cab driver see if you know driving you can even
drive a cab for samaras and ferry some passengers the biggest thing that you need to understand here is when you’re trying to support yourself there’s no job that’s small or big and you should never shy away from working.
so never think of driving as a small job this is a job that you can find in almost every city to help yourself along with your studies.

9th working at supermarkets and malls

9 Best Part Time Jobs For Students
working at supermarkets and malls see with supermarkets and malls opening up in almost every city this is another job that you can find at almost every place where you can work part-time at the billing counters in-store management. It’s also Best Part Time Jobs For Students.

jobs at customer service desk etc most of the supermarkets and malls would happily accept students to work in ships and again as I said earlier when you are trying to support yourself there’s no job that’s big or small earning your own money is always better than asking someone else for money.

9 Best Part Time Jobs For Students

see when you try working as a student during your college days you don’t become rich in terms of money
but you certainly become rich in terms of the real-world experience that is your ability to communicate organize plan and execute things and that is going to be the greatest award for life.

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