There! There is a home, where there is mother,
Mother who must cook and wash and clean.
There! In that home, there is a father,
Father who must work and earn and sweat.
In the ramshackle glory of the kingdom we ruled
My brothers and I were daily taught and fooled
That money is all there is and nothing better!

There! There is a family whose memories I recall,
As they are all the experiences I fall back on.
There! In that family where the dreams are small
Was the push to break free and seek tomorrow
In the hope of owning one day a wealthy man
Who would provide and support like none else can.
I didn’t learn of dreams or the sound of their call!

Here! Here is a home, where there is a mother,
Mother who must read and listen and, oh, rejoice.
Here! In this home, there is a father,
Father who must dote and lavish and dance.
Because there was suddenly wealth in our eyes and ears,
And with that were gone all of our filthy tears
For money is all there was and nothing better!

Here! Here is a family where togetherness holds sway
Even as Charlie sails the seas and David flies the skies.
But mother and father decide that they will stay,
And pay humble tribute to the lords of fortunes.
Coins in father’s pocket sink him into the chair low
Even though I wait for him to hug me when I go.
If I could I would… I’d wish it all away!