Too much work over the course of the last few days.
Too much mathematics, too much physics.
Essentially, too much studying.
That’s ironical considering how much I hated studying in college.
You could say it’s the environment.
I wouldn’t.
I don’t think any student worth his weight in salt would pay any heed to his environment.
It’s what goes inside his head.
It’s what’s motivating him and what’s not.
If you were to walk up to me and tell me that there are 85 other guys doing what you’re doing right now, I’d drop my pen and move on to something else.
It’s that mindless competition that stunts constructive initiatives.
If you inform someone of a stupefyingly tedious race before it begins, he most probably won’t participate.

It’s definitely not a need to be unique.
It’s not to be esoteric and sought-after, either.
It’s also not the fear of competition.
It’s the decision to opt out of being judged on such basis.
It’s the decision to confront the faculties (not your teachers, per se) that force some learning upon you.
It’s the moment when you understand the inherent irony.
It is true that a competition between rats can be unduly abrasive.
Any student in any university these days will have been a witness to that.
The mindless scurrying for grades by those nerds in the front row.
The benumbed expressions of those actively shunning any grade in the back row.
Those only just managing to stay awake for lecture after lecture all along the middle.
All of this only takes away from the stature of the universities in operation today.
At least in the universities in which I have a friend or two.

The name ought to be changed, I tell you.
From “university” to “insularity”.
My sister has a much better education in her school.
There, they pride in carpentry and playing in a band as part of the curriculum.
She trounces me in philosophical arguments.
My university, however, thought it would be a good idea to include crossword-solving as an event of the literary club.
You might think that was a silly argument with no common context.
A university that vouches for a club that seeks to enhance the creative faculties of students to host an event that enhances the logical faculty definitely will not know the difference between one kind of learning and another.
And such a university will definitely not know what it is teaching it’s students at all.
Idiocy can be so prevalent, you have no idea.
The problem is, it’s like a cockroach.
It’s everywhere, it doesn’t die, it keeps evolving, and the only thing that works is mass gassing.

I’m not suggesting anything.
Or, perhaps, I am.
I’m suggesting that these people who are supposed to be teaching us anything at all know what’s what.
That the teachers not scoff in the face of a student when he commits a mistake.
That the teachers understand enough to know that mistakes are unsystematic.
While the errors they commit are repercussive and inexcusably systematic.

All the King's horses and all the King's men...

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