There once was a man
Who lit a fire
Under a balloon
And made it fly

He sailed the world
And the seven seas
He went places
He’d never known before

The balloon popped
Over the Big Apple
He gently sailed
To the ground

The fire was out
The weave was ripped
Cars and bikes and buses and trains
Still he was so terribly lost

He walked to a woman
Smoking in the corner
Asked her for a light
She didn’t hear him

He spoke a little louder
She stared at him
Her eyes were read
She saw beyond him

He asked her again
Politely this time
She handed him a smoke
And went back to sleep

He pocketed it
And went his way
Until he found a man
Reading the paper

He asked for a light
And he got a matchbox
He pocketed it
And went his way

Until he found a girl
Playing on the sidewalk
Crying so loudly
Because she was hurt

He bent down to help her
He heard someone run
He looked up to see
His wallet was stolen

He gave swift chase
But the man was fast
He lost his wallet
And now he was lost

The little girl cried
He gave her candy
And asked her this time
For a balloon shop

She pointed up a bright lane
He thanked her and walked
Until he came to a balloon shop
And a big one he bought

In return for the smoke
And back on the streets he was
As evening slowly came
He set up camp

He lit a small fire
Under the big balloon
It ballooned up big
Until it was all pink

He mounted it and waved
Goodbye to the city
The city of smoke
The city of pity

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